Wilks-USA RX545i High-Power Pressure Washer | Review

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Spring is finally here – and that means your garden is almost ready to look its very best. But to achieve that clean and tidy look this summer, it’s important to spend some time rejuvenating your patios, pathways, and decking.

At the start of each spring, I’m always sure to blast away the grime that’s accumulated over winter, and there’s no better tool to help me than a high-power pressure washer. This year, I’ve chosen to test out the Wilks-USA RX545i High-Power Pressure Washer, which retails in the UK at £259.99. Here, we’ll go through its features, and I’ll give you my honest assessment of this high-power device.

The RX545 at a glance: Pros and cons


  • Adjustable pressure between 138 – 210 bar – makes short work of most surfaces
  • Generous 18-meter hose length with hose-reel
  • Wide variety of lances, connectors, and brushes
  • 11kg weight makes it easy to lift and move
  • Compact design makes it easy to store in the garage or shed
  • 24 months warranty and free UK-based technical support


  • Slightly lower flow rate compared to the Wilks-USA RX550i model
  • Instruction manual could be clearer
  • The noise level of 94dB is on the high side – may require hearing protection

Impressive power and pressure

There’s no doubt that the Wilks-USA RX545i packs a punch. Under the hood, you’ll find a robust 2400-watt air-cooled motor that delivers a maximum pressure of 210 bar. This makes it perfect for tackling most outdoor cleaning tasks. We used it to remove grime from vehicles, clean up the driveways and patios, and blast away caked-on dirt from garden tools. In fact, it did a solid job of cleaning up everything I threw its way. With a flow rate of 480 liters per hour, this is a pressure washer that ensures water output is maintained at a high level, providing thorough and effective cleaning.

Ample length and plenty of attachments

You’ll be pleased to hear that the pressure washer comes with an 18-meter hose (split into a 10-meter standard hose and an 8-meter extension hose), giving you plenty of flexibility. I found the extended hose length to be ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas without having to move the unit frequently.

What’s more, the Wilks-USA RX545 includes a generous selection of attachments and nozzles, including a standard lance, a specialized 90-degree gutter lance, rotary brushes, a turbo wand, and five different nozzles ranging from a soft wide spray to an intense jet. There’s plenty of space on the unit to store each attachment, so you can stay organised and access what you need.

Nimble and easy to use

The trolley design of the Wilks-USA RX545 makes it easy to move around your garden and driveway. Weighing only 11 kg, it’s a distinctly lightweight unit that can be easily lifted and transported. In fact, of all the pressure washers I’ve used, this is one of the lightest – particularly for a unit this powerful.

The pressure washer also features a hose reel built into the handle, offering a tidy storage solution and preventing tangled hoses. The ‘click and go connect’ ability and minimal assembly feature further adds to its overall convenience. I was quickly set up and start cleaning without any hassle.

A closer look at noise levels

While the Wilks-USA RX545 is slightly noisier than some other pressure washers in its range, emitting 94dB, this is only a minor drawback considering its overall performance. We recommend using hearing protection during extended cleaning sessions to ensure comfort and safety.

Final thoughts

Overall, I found the Wilks-USA RX545 pressure washer to be a high-performance and versatile cleaning tool that suits a wide range of outdoor cleaning tasks. Whether you’re cleaning your car, sprucing up your patio, or removing stubborn dirt from garden equipment, this pressure washer has you covered. Its user-friendly design, powerful performance, and broad range of attachments make it a worthy investment for any household or business.

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