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Greenworks G40PSHK2 2-in-1 Pole Saw and Hedge Trimmer: Review

Greenworks G40PSHK2 Cordless 2-in-1 Pole Saw and Pole Hedge Trimmer

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It’s time to tidy the garden before the mercury drops from mild to moist. And what better way to spruce your space than with a 2-in-1 pole saw and hedge trimmer? These ingenious tools simplify trimming tasks and eliminate cluttered sheds thanks to the dual design.

One of the most popular cordless models on the market is the Greenworks G40PSHK2 — a name we’ve talked about a fair bit lately. But here, I want to trim off the fat, exploring features, performance, and practicality to see what this device can really handle. So, whether you’re hoping to trim unruly hedges or reach high-up branches, read on to see whether this tool is worthy of a spot in your gardening arsenal.

Greenworks G40PSHK2: In a nutshell

The Greenworks G40PSHK2 cordless 2-in-1 is a dynamic tool that combines the power of a pole saw and the precision of a pole hedge trimmer into a single, user-friendly device. 

Perhaps this tool’s top selling point is cordless operation, allowing gardeners to roam freely courtesy of a 40V lithium-ion battery. No cables. No power outlets. No accidental trips or entanglements. 

It’s a fantastically clever design, as ever with Greenworks—one that understands user comfort and practicality. For instance, the telescopic pole features a 3-piece split shaft that extends to 2.4 metres, providing access to hard-to-reach branches without wobbly ladders and precarious climbing. It’s also lightweight at 3.64kg, so you won’t strain your back (courtesy of the shoulder strap).

The trimmer has humongous 51cm dual-action trimmer blades, and a 20cm pole saw built to blitz through branches at 8m/s. This means you can cut through shrubs up to 18mm thick. The adjustable cutting head also allows you to customise the saw/trimmer angle, giving you flexibility and professional-grade results, whether pruning or sculpting hedges. 

Power and battery 

If you’re unfamiliar with Greenworks’ history, they’re a powerhouse in the world of power. These guys boast over 1,000 unique battery and technology patents (yes, you heard that right), leading the charge in cordless design. 

Nowhere is the company’s battery expertise more evident than in the G40PSHK2 Cordless 2-in-1 Pole Saw and Pole Hedge Trimmer. These batteries are typically half the voltage in competitor hedge trimmers, which usually results in half the runtime. In my experience, the 2aH battery lasts for around 45 minutes after a full charge when switching between hedge cutting and branch sawing. That’s mighty impressive. And to be honest, if it had lasted any longer, I might have needed to lie down anyway. 

Best of all, I already have a couple of Greenworks tools in my shed, so I didn’t need to buy a new battery, as they’re all compatible! 


When I first laid my hands on the Greenworks G40PSHK2, I expected it to feel heavy. It’s packing two power tools in one, after all. Yet those concerns quickly disappeared in the same time it took me to chop the first dozen branches on my overgrown lonicera box hedge: around a second. 

The G40PSHK2’s teeth are razor sharp and spaced 18mm apart, confidently tackling everything in sight. With cutting speeds of 8m/s, I actually had to hold back. I got the same results with brambles, nettles, and finally, an unruly acer tree at the back of my garden, whose appearance was rejuvenated after 30 mins of chopping.

What I love about this device is that you can easily pass the blades through plants with swift movements, and it rarely gets caught—even when fully extended (a problem that plagues competitor products). It was finely balanced, superbly stabilised, and unwavering in the face of thick shrubs. Greenworks has clearly invested plenty of time and resources into manufacturing a product that performs way above its price point. 


The Greenworks G40PSHK2 Cordless 2-in-1 takes pole saw and hedge trimming design to new heights. 

The hedge trimmer extends up to an impressive 2.1 metres, while the pole saw reaches even further at 2.4 metres. This dual design is perfect for those seeking multifunctionality—a singular tool that effortlessly oscillates between the two settings. 

The hedge-trimming head boasts a 51cm laser-cut blade that tilts to seven positions, encompassing a broad 105° range. This tailored approach to tackling diverse hedge shapes and angles is typical of Greenworks’ user-centric design. For example, many hedge trimmers require users to squeeze buttons, while the G40PSHK2 has a lever-pulling tool. This is really convenient when repositioning the head.

The adjustable shoulder strap attachment is another brilliant bit of design. Despite the tool’s weight, the customisable placement of the strap along the pole affords good balance, and I didn’t have to strain. 

Market Comparison 

In a landscape bustling with options, the Greenworks G40PSHK2 Cordless 2-in-1 Pole Saw and Pole Hedge Trimmer stands out — not just in terms of performance but value. 

Of course, the initial investment is loftier than budget alternatives, but you’re getting much more. Here’s how the G40PSHK2 stacks up against its competitors:

Final verdict 

I’ve got to say, I’m running out of superlatives to describe Greenworks’ products, and my assessment of the G40PSHK is no different. It’s efficient, practical, and, most importantly, affordable for a cordless garden gadget. The battery supports other Greenworks products, and the dual design means you get two tools in one — a bargain in itself. 5 stars. 

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