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Hyundai HYM460SPE Review: A Cut Above?

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Hyundai is best known for its cars. But the manufacturer has now extended its expertise to gardening gear, giving people high-end tech at affordable prices. One such product is the HYM460SPE — a self-propelled, petrol lawnmower. A close relative to the HYM430SP, this ‘adult toy’ promises more traction and power than its younger sibling, with the addition of an electric push button for easier starts.

In this review, I’ll describe how the Hyundai HYM460SPE performed in the wild (my overgrown garden) and explain whether it lives up to the hype. We’ll also dig down into the detail, discussing everything from power to grass box capacity.

At a glance

The Hyundai HYM460SPE self-propelled petrol lawnmower boasts a suite of features suitable for medium-sized lawns. There’s a 2.6kW (3.5hp) OHV 4-stroke 139cc engine, 46cm steel blade, and 70-litre grass box capable of mulching. You’ll have your pick of six cutting heights (25mm to 75mm), offering mowing flexibility with a single swish of the lever.

Elsewhere, the Hyundai HYM460SPE has a handy electric start button and recoil courtesy of a CDI ignition system, so it’s never been easier to fire up this ferocious engine. That said, the motor is surprisingly quiet, whispering to the tune of 95dBA and producing minimal vibration. Backed by a 3-year warranty, the HYM460SPE is a feature-rich product that packs a punch at the lower end of the petrol mower market.

  • Hyundai 4-Stroke 139cc petrol engine
  • 46cm/ 18” cutting width
  • Electric-start with recoil  
  • 70-litre grass box
  • Mulching option
  • Foldable handles
  • 6 cutting heights (25mm – 75mm)
  • 39 kg
  • 3-year Hyundai home-use warranty

Cutting capabilities and height adjustments

The Hyundai HYM460SPE has a 4-in-1 cutting system, affording the following options: cut and collect, cut and drop, cut and drop side discharge, and mulching cut.

The former neatly cuts the grass and gathers it in the collection box, while ‘cut and drop’ discharges the grass from the mower’s rear. There’s also the option to release the grass from the side of the mower—as I unexpectedly found out on the first attempt. If you’re a clean freak like me, you probably won’t deviate too much from the cut-and-collect setting, but I did have some fun spreading the grass across my lawn with the mulch feature. If you do store the grass, pay close attention to the flap guard that protects it against chute clogging.

I found it easy to adjust the cutting height: there are six settings to choose from (starting at 25mm and ending at 75mm), all accessible with the pull of a lever. It was nice to feel like I had complete control over my lawn’s cut, and the mower did a great job of creating a consistent trim. I’d certainly want to utilise the other height settings when the seasons change.

Self-propelled drive and grass collection

It’s effortless to control the HYM460SPE with its mounted handles. You see, the self-propelled drive operates through the rear wheels, so you’ll get continuous speeds (3,000 rpm) across flat terrain and uneven lawn areas. The rear-drive also allows you to swiftly manoeuvre the entire product up and down slopes thanks to high-quality ball-bearing wheels — no mean feat for such a robust petrol mower.

What I also appreciate about this mower is its advanced Operator Presence Control (OPC) technology. This safety feature automatically stops the blades from turning when the handles released, giving you peace of mind that you won’t hurt yourself or anyone else. Well, it did for me anyway.

In terms of grass collection, rarely are these boxes so spacious. The Hyundai’s 70-litre collector is a behemoth, featuring a high-airflow plastic top with aerated fabric sides. This meant that the grass didn’t get stuck when it came to emptying the box (which was only once!). Another neat feature is that the box has a level indicator, notifying you when it’s at capacity.

Competitor price comparison

Practicalities and power system

The Hyundai HYM460SPE lawn mower is teeming with quality. The 18-inch steel deck is built to last, as is the potent 139cc four-stroke petrol engine. This formidable motor generates 2.6kW of cutting force, providing the mower with enough oomph to tackle overgrown grass, unruly lawn, and delicate turf — reducing the time spent repetitively mowing.

Beyond its sheer power, the manufacturer clearly has an eye for design. The soft handles fold forward and downward over the unit for compact storage, and there’s a removable maintenance cover that cleverly houses the drive belt. Never have I handled such a large lawn mower that was so easy to navigate and transport.

Surprisingly, it doesn’t kick out much noise (good news for your neighbours) and is one of the most economical mowers when consuming fuel (good for your wallet and the environment). Of course, the electric start button eliminates the hassle of pull cords, but it’s also worth noting that the HYM460SP has tool-free assembly, so I was up and running in minutes.

Pros and Cons

  • Massive grass box collection
  • Highly manoeuvrable thanks to rear-wheel drive
  • Excellent mulching feature and multiple discharge options
  • Durable and premium materials
  • Top OPC safety feature
  • 3-year warranty
  • Excellent value for money

No roller for striped lawns

The verdict

Despite not housing a rear roller, the Hyundai HYM460SPE stands out as one of the best petrol lawn mower options in the middle market. Its 4-stroke engine and cutting heights combined with low vibration, economy, and minimal noise, make it a 5-star pick. What a machine.

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