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Bosch Rotak 36 R Lawnmower Review

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Power and precision too often come at a premium. So, the Rotak 36 from Bosch’s ARM range is a veritable breath of fresh air in a world of high-priced garden gadgets. It’s lauded by budget-conscious green fingers who refuse to compromise on performance, and there are hundreds of customer reviews that suggest it punches well above its weight class.

We know it’s a brand name that consistently shows a commitment to quality, but I was sceptical about whether it could truly compete with the likes of Greenworks and FlyMo for the price point. Join me as I take the Bosch Rotak 36 into the wild.

Top Features

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Double folding handles
  • Stackable 40-lite grass box for easy storage
  • PowerDrive Motor that cuts through rough and wet grass
  • GrassCombs technology
  • Ergoflex System with adjustable handles to reduce mowing muscle strain

Design and Build Quality

The first thing I noticed about the Bosch Rotak 36’s construction is that it’s reasonably lightweight for such a durable product — something that’s rare to find at this price point.

Weighing in at just 12 kilograms, it’s a lawnmower clearly built for easy manoeuvring. It has a balanced weight distribution that enhances control and reduces fatigue, ensuring comfortable mowing on most modest lawns.

That’s helped by Rotak’s “Ergoflex” system. It’s a fancy name for adjustable, ergonomic handles, allowing users to find the optimal position for their height and posture. I expected the plastic to feel flimsy, but it’s really strong and helped to minimise muscle strain when tackling the thicker areas of my lawn.

In addition to its ergonomic design, the Bosch Rotak 36 features a collapsible construction. I found the quick-release folding mechanism a breeze to control, effortlessly folding into a compact shape when it came time to pop in the garage. If you’ve got limited storage space like me, this is a huge plus.

Cutting Performance

The Rotak 36’s 1400W PowerDrive Motor is by no means a beast, but it certainly outperforms many other lawnmowers in this price category. While some models struggle to maintain consistent cutting power, especially when dealing with denser or taller grass, I found the Rotak 36 to be pretty damn reliable at slicing through tough patches —16 Nm of torque isn’t to be sniffed at.

That’s largely thanks to Bosch’s GrassCombs technology. These specialised combs are positioned at the front of the machine, lifting the grass blades and guiding them toward the cutting deck. This clever piece of engineering ensures you always get a clean and precise cut along edges, walls, and fences. Surprisingly, I didn’t need to reach for my strimmer to sort out any unsightly patches it left behind.

The ‘36’ in the Rotak name refers to the model’s cutting width. It’s a generous 36-centimetre deck made from metal that picks up more grass with every pass, in turn reducing mowing time. I also loved being able to adjust the cutting height between 20mm and 70mm — an essential feature if, like me, your lawn slopes or grows unevenly in areas. There are 5 options to choose from, and it was easy to flip the red lever at the front of the mower to adjust. So, whether you prefer a closely cropped lawn or a slightly longer, lusher appearance, the Rotak 36 offers bags of flexibility.

Competitor comparison

Manoeuvrability and Usability

One of my favourite things about the Rotak 36 lawnmower is that it comes with smooth-gliding wheels. It might sound like a given these days, but having reviewed hundreds of lawnmowers, I’ve rarely found wheels at the lower end of the market that moves fluidly across grass. These were brilliant. I found it easy to manoeuvre around obstacles (dog toys et al!), corners, and narrow pathways.

In terms of usability, the Bosch Rotak 36 excels with intuitive controls albeit basic controls. It’s a user-friendly design that doesn’t boast bells and whistles, but in truth, that’s what makes it attractive. The control panel is strategically placed, providing easy access. From adjusting the cutting height to starting and stopping the machine, every control is conveniently within reach, minimising any confusion or frustration. You certainly won’t need an afternoon with the user manual to get things started.

Grass Collection

The Bosch Rotak 36 lawnmower features a grass collection box that, like everything else about this product, is designed with convenience in mind. Firstly, it’s stackable, allowing you to nest multiple collection boxes together, optimising storage space. That means you keep all your lawnmower accessories organised and access them easily.

Secondly, the Rotak 36 holds 40 litres of grass clippings. If you’re unfamiliar with lawnmower capacities at this price point, let me tell you — this is a lot! A collection box of this size means you’ll rarely have to make multiple trips to your garden waste bin, allowing you to cover more ground with interruptions. It also uses a secure locking mechanism, ensuring a tight seal between the box and mower, preventing the unwanted escape of grass clippings from undoing all your hard work.

Noise and Environmental Impact

One of the most notable features of the Rotak 36 is its low-noise operation. Thanks to the incorporation of advanced sound-dampening technology, it operates at significantly lower noise levels compared to many other models in its class. I measured the noise levels at a mere 75 decibels (dB). It outputted a low drone that didn’t feel intrusive, nor had the neighbours complaining. That’s partly thanks to the 1400W motor that optimises power without creating energy wastage — great news if you’re eco-conscious as it will lower your electricity costs and help minimise carbon emissions.

The Verdict

I was super impressed. The Bosch Rotak 36 stands tall among much more expensive lawnmowers. From its compact, durable construction to its eco-optimised 1400W motor, it’s a machine that means business. Sure, it’s not got a flashy digital display, but it does offer precision cutting, great manoeuvrability, and a thoughtful design that won’t leave you feeling fatigued. For just over a hundred quid, it’s a 5 of out 5 from me.

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